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First you need to gather 10 minimum (15 maximum) fellow students that want to change the world with an experience of a lifetime!

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Please note that we need at least two months advance notice.

  The itinerary of the first 5 days of the mission trip all begin the same. During our time in Lima we will be adjusting from morning til afternoon followed by down time to relax and decompress. Our evenings are filled with cultural tours, fellowship meetings, exquisite dinners, philosophical talks, and masterminding. At the end of each day you will return to your comfortable accommodations to rest and relax so you can be at your best for the following day.    
  Select your trip destination
Below are the itineraries for each of the trips we offer
  DAY 6   DAY 6  
  Welcome to the mystique and grandeur of the Amazon Jungle. After a tour of the largest city of the Peruvian rainforest, you arrive to the banks of the largest river on EARTH.
Going deep into the Peruvian Amazon by boat you will explore the amazing bio-diversity and cultures of the rainforest. Upon arriving to your jungle bungalow, relax in a hammock, go for a eco-hike, or even a dug-out canoe expedition.
  Upon arrival in Cusco from Lima, we go directly to the beautiful Urubamba Valley. This is the Sacred Valley of the Incas where we will be staying in a luxurious villa nestled in the heart of the valley. Along the way we will be making various stops to several archeaological sites and points of interest. In the evening we have a special Incan meal prepared for us in our villas. Afterwards, we all fellowship around the firepit and have the opportunity to chat, reflect on our journey and get rested for the visit to Machu Picchu!!  
  DAY 7   DAY 7  
  As dawn breaks our exploration begins with a jou ney in search of black river camian, giant river otters and the famous and mysterious pink river dolphins. During lunch you will visit another indigenous jungle tribe where you will reconnect the community from above down inside and out. From fishing for pirhanas to Shaman Ceremonies today is no doubt going to be one of the BEST ever!   In the morning you will be welcomed by your local native guide and transported to the beautiful town of Ollantaytambo where we will board the Inca Rail Train to Machu Picchu for a full day guided excursion of the 7th Wonder of the World!
This is an opportunity to embrace the energy and atmosphere of one of the most significant and spectacular archaeological sites on the planet. Upon our return to Ollantaytambo we will set up our tables and adjust the local residents. For dinner we will head to the Inca capital of Cusco for a spectacular and well deserved meal. We will be staying the night in Cusco in luxurious accommodations near the famous Plaza de Armas.
  DAY 8   DAY 8  
  Another early morning to revel in the incredible energy ingnited by the sunrise over the Amazon Basin. A jungle trek to the botanical gardens to learn about Amazon Superfoods and Superherbs will be followed by a speedboat ride back to Iquitos and civilization. Upon arrival in Lima you will be making your international flight connection, thus completing the Best Mission Trip Ever!   Following breakfast at the hotel, you will have the opportunity to explore Cusco, one of South America’s most ancient and breathtaking cities. In the afternoon we will return to Lima to make your international flight connection.  
  3. THE FINAL STEPS      
  Once we receive your request we will see if your trip dates are available and you will be sent an email informing you of what dates are open, as well as, a Skype meeting to begin coordinating further details necessary to planning the trip. You will have one week to send a $500 non refundable deposit per person to lock in your trip date. The trip can not be confirmed without this deposit. This deposit is necessary to book all of the lodging, tours, domestic round trip flights and transportation included on the trip for each person. After the initial deposit of $500 is made each person will be responsible for the remainder of the deposit $1,495.00 (paid in cash in full upon arrival to Lima, Peru) to complete the total cost of the all inclusive trip: $1995.00.    
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