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  Our Emily Broniak award is for the Chiropractic Missionary who shows attributes and actions that go far above and beyond the norm.  Personal development as well as persistence and loving service are the key factors in determining the recipient.

Emily Broniak came to work in Peru immediately after graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic
in Davenport, Iowa U.S.A.  As a recent graduate she immediately demonstrated traits and characteristics
that have grown and developed and made her one of the true chiropractic revolutionaries in the world
today. Through unending persistence and a will and drive to succeed and serve humanity, she is now
managing multiple chiropractic centers in Northern Peru.


She has been the most impactful female
chiropractor in South American history and continues to see the masses with untiring love and gratitude.
Dr. Broniak continues to practice in Peru, overseeing associates, sought after for radio interviews on
topics of health and chiropractic, featured on her own weekly television segment and regularly adjusts
the less fortunate by donating her time, talents and resources through orphanages and charities.


She continues to be an integral part of the development and spread of chiropractic not only through South America but across the globe. It is an honor to receive an award that is linked to such an amazing person and chiropractic luminary such as Dr. Broniak. For these reasons and many others the award has been created in her name and image.




”I am changed forever. I have gained the confidence to express the wealth of chiropractic to any country in the world. If every student had the opportunity of coming on the BMTE, chiropractic would be changed for the better. We could really change the world through chiropractic. The Best Mission Trip Ever will help students get the big idea!”
- Krista Burns.
This Mission Trip's Broniak award was a special one. The Broniak Badge was created to recognize that individual who shows a persistence and drive above and beyond. Also someone that demonstrates extraordinary personal development over the course of the mission. This trip was one in which the entire team went above and beyond. Each one of the individuals involved exuded the traits that personify the Broniak Badge. The development of each individual personally and professionally was incredible. As all who participated witnessed their brothers and sisters serving more, loving more and giving more than even they thought they could. For this reason we are awarding the Broniak Badge to all
of the following individuals: Krista Burns, Brent Buss, Adam Miller, Megan Nick Mark Wade
Megan Nick from Palmer College of Chiropractic is the recipient of BMTE mission 3, Rio de Janiero, Brasil. Her outstanding persistence and extraordinary determination to help serve the world through Chiropractic are exactly the characteristics that exemplify the Broniak Badge. It was especially an honor for the BMTE team to be sharing a 3rd consecutive mission with Megan. We hope to be blessed to serve together again in the near future.  
The recipient of this mission trip´s Broniak Badge is awarded to Rachel Allar. All participants were extraordinary in their giving, loving and serving throughout the mission. Rachel however demonstrated an enormous amount of personal growth over the course of the trip and it was obvious that her drive and dedication to serve surmounted expectation and for these reasons received the Broniak Badge. Thank you Rachel from the people of Peru whose lives you touched as well as the millions that you will certainly be touching in your future career in this beatiful profession of chiropractic.  
Dr. Alanna Jarrott of Edinburgh, Scotland received the Broniak Badge in recognition of her AWESOME levels of Love and Serve demonstrated during the BMTE mission 5. The BMTE was also honored to have Dr. Jarrott celebrate her 10 year chiropractic anniversary here in Peru. As an inspiration to all and true liberator of life we were very blessed to have Dr. Alanna aboard this special chiropractic humanitarian trip. You shall forever remain in the hearts of those you touched and we certainly look forward to reconnecting in the future.  
BMTE 6 to the Amazon Jungle was particularly special because Dr. Emily Broniak joined us on the trip and was able to assist in presenting Dr. Helen Jones with the Broniak Badge. Dr. Helen Jones truly personifies the characteristics of a Chiropractic Humanitarian. Her loving presence and fun energy captivated the hearts of those she touched in Peru. It was inspiring and beautiful to see how many children were innately attracted to Dr. Jones. She is definitely a bright candle illuminating the world.
All of us here at the BMTE as well as the other participants want to congratulate Sean Levesque for his reception of this trip's Broniak Badge. Throughout the mission trip Sean was an outstanding example of unending energy and giving and truly did shine in his selfless contribution. His high energy and tireless smiles were a tremendous aid to already outstanding service that the BMTE provides to the thousands that line up to receive chiropractic care in the underserved areas where the BMTE focuses. Thank you Sean for being such a tremendous example of the joy, life and love that we all wish to see in the world
Once again The BMTE 8 lived up to its name and more! We would like to recognize every participant for their loving service and dedication to helping liberate the world through principled chiropractic. We would especially like to recognize Melissa Mitchell who was this BMTE's recipient of the Broniak Badge. Her positive attitude, personal development and commitment to the cause was an inspiration for all.
In just 1 incredible week JP Yurgel made some major life changing shifts enabling him to serve thru Chiropractic at a higher level. For these personal developments JP was awarded the Broniak Badge on BMTE 9 to Machu Picchu. He found what BJ Palmer stated, "that genius is not a property of a few but is buried within us all." Thank you JP for inspiring the world with your loving service and being the example of the change you wish to see in the world!
Marie Michelle Piette was awarded the Broniak Badge for the BMTE 10 to Machu Picchu.  Her unwavering dedication to loving service and incredible personal development during the trip were just a few reasons why she deserved to be recognized with this award.  Thank you Marie Michelle and we look forward to hearing about you and all your future endeavors and successes.
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