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Who will pick me up from the airport?
  When you exit customs in the Lima airport you will be greeted by a BMTE representative with a sign.
How do I change money?
  Money can be exchanged at the airport. There is a currency exchange desk in the baggage claim area.
  What is the average amount I should expect to pay in tips for services during the trip?
  Approximately $40 should cover all the tipping for the services.
Can I use a credit/debit card for food and souveniers?
  Higher end restaurants do accept credit cards. However many shops and other services do not. Do not rely solely on credit cards for personal purchases.
Do I need vaccinations before departing?
Do I need to bring my own portable table?
  Yes. If you do not have one, we will supply one for $105. Payment due upon arrival in Lima.
  Will I need to bring any adjusting instruments or analysis instrumentation? (i.e. activator nervoscope/etc.)
  You should bring an adjusting instrument (activator or similar). Other instrumentation is not recommended.

How much luggage can I bring?

Please check with your airline for international regulations. The trip from Lima to Cusco allows only 25 kg. (55 lbs.)  

Is there an area where I can store my excess luggage during the trip to Cusco?

Yes. For an additional cost the airport will store
your excess luggage

Are there laundry services at the hotel?

Yes there is. This is an additional cost and
not covered by the BMTE.

How much are meals that are not included in the BMTE?


The only meal not included on the trip is a dine on your own dinner in Lima. The average
price for dinner is $10-$15.


What time should I fly into Lima?

The first night of the mission trip between 9pm-midnight.  
Will I have a translator if I do not speak Spanish?
Can I participate if I have limited adjusting experience?
Yes. This trip is perfect for someone like yourself. You will not be able to adjust without prior adjusting experience.  
If you have any further questions please send us an email
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